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N-able RMM vs. N-central - N-able (16)

Learn which remote monitoring solution is the best fit for your business.

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  • What is N‑able RMM?
  • What is N‑central?
  • RMM vs. N‑central
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N-able RMM vs. N-central - N-able (17)

What is N‑able RMM?

N‑able RMM (now known as N‑sight RMM) is a cloud-based IT solution designed to get MSPs up and running as quickly as possible. Clear dashboards place the information you need front and center, and a layered security stack helps keep your customers secure. RMM is ideal for MSPs that are looking to scale their business and want to use a single all-in-one tool to serve their customers. By integrating with a wide variety of additional services, this solution can allow you to add capabilities as your business expands—without compromising efficiency.

Key features include:

  • Remote Monitoring—Remotely monitor desktops, laptops, and servers across a variety of operating systems
  • Network Device Monitoring—Monitor network devices, switches, firewalls, routers, and more using SNMP
  • Patch Management—Prevent cyberattacks, perform routine maintenance, and update devices remotely with automated patch management
  • Managed Antivirus—Protect your customers against known viruses and malware
  • Automation and Scripting—Minimize time and manual effort by automating common tasks

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What is N‑able N‑central?

N‑able N‑central® is a powerful but lightweight solution that makes it easy for MSPs to manage large, complex, and diverse customer networks with minimal manpower. You can easily onboard thousands of hosted, on-premises, or virtual machines with extensive automation tools, and troubleshoot effectively with the system information you need right at your fingertips. This all-in-one software for MSPs is highly customizable, allowing you to create your own scripts and policies to boost efficiency.

Key features include:

  • Endpoint Detection and Response—Prevent, detect, and respond to threats like ransomware
  • Network Topology Mapping—Create comprehensive network topology maps to get a clear picture of your entire network
  • Remote Access—Troubleshoot and perform maintenance on your customers’ devices from nearly anywhere
  • Mobile Manager—Easily manage and improve security for mobile devices

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RMM vs. N‑central: Which product is right for me?

Deciding between N‑able RMM and N‑central might seem tricky at first, but these five key considerations can serve as a starting point.

  1. If you’re an MSP that runs a network operations center (NOC) or deals with an otherwise complex network, N‑central is likely equipped with the features you need.
  2. If you need to get up and running fast, RMM makes it easier for you to start monitoring devices as soon as possible—usually within hours.
  3. If your MSP is replacing an existing RM solution, N‑central will most likely offer the advanced features and automated capabilities you’re looking for.
  4. If you want to start serving customers immediately and pay as you grow, RMM can support you from day one and expand from there.
  5. If you need an on-premises solution, N‑central has an on-premises option while RMM is cloud-based.

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N-able RMM vs. N-central - N-able (20)

Evaluating remote monitoring solutions: best practices

Here are five key factors to consider when making a remote monitoring software decision:

  1. Visibility—Modern MSPs need deep visibility to proactively service customers and avoid mistakes. Will the RM solution you’re evaluating allow you to see every device from one central location?
  2. Scalability—Your RM platform of choice should fit your current needs, but also should be able to handle all the business you’ll have in the future as you scale up. Ask yourself whether the price model supports your business at each level and look for solutions that have the features you need now but also allow you to upgrade as you grow.
  3. Automation—Look for remote monitoring solutions that allow you to maximize the output of your existing workforce. Can the RM tool you’re considering help you easily automate repetitive tasks so your technicians can focus on more value-adding work?
  4. Seamless Integrations—Your remote monitoring solution shouldn’t have to work in a vacuum, isolated from your other tools. Powerful, modern remote monitoring solutions enable integrations with tools like the Microsoft 365 productivity suite, PSA tools, and so on for maximum efficiency.
  5. Security—With cybersecurity threats on the rise, MSPs need a remote monitoring solution that has strong security features built in. For example, how easy is it to deploy antivirus, and does it include more than basic signature definitions to effectively protect customers from emerging threats? Does it offer endpoint protection that utilizes artificial intelligence to alert you to suspicious activity?

Beyond these key factors, additional features like automated patch management, secure remote access, and integrated backup are essential to modern remote monitoring solutions.

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Frequently asked questions

With which popular solutions can N‑able RMM integrate?

With which popular solutions can N‑able RMM integrate?

N‑able RMM and N‑central are both robust, highly customizable solutions that support numerous integrations to help take your business to the next level. For MSPs looking to start now and pay as they grow, the add-ons available for N‑able RMM allow them to expand when they’re ready and focus on growing their customer base without adding tech. For MSPs looking to scale their business with powerful automation, the add-ons available for N‑central allow them to support increasingly complex environments and focus on upselling to customers. N‑able RMM and N‑central both integrate with the following:

  • N‑able Passportal + Documentation Manager
  • N‑able MSP Manager
  • N‑able Endpoint and Detection Response
  • N‑able Mail Assure

With all these integrations, you can create the customized management solution that suits your needs and best serves your customers.

Will N‑able RM solutions scale with my business?

Will N‑able RM solutions scale with my business?

N‑able RMM and N‑central are both designed to scale with your business, no matter its size. These solutions can seamlessly integrate with other tools, services, and professional services automation (PSA) tools as your needs change.

RMM can help MSPs offer enhanced support from day one and grow their business, while N‑central was designed specifically to monitor and manage complex networks with thousands of endpoints.

Can non-MSP companies use RM solutions too?

Can non-MSP companies use RM solutions too?

Yes, RM solutions can be used by companies outside of the MSP market. The tools included in MSP monitoring software will be helpful to any system administrator who wants to optimize their operations and boost efficiency.

Non-MSP companies should consider their size when investigating which RMM solution best suits their needs. Smaller companies would benefit from a solution that is easy to learn and quick to set-up, like N‑able RMM. Larger companies would likely benefit from a solution that’s optimized for efficiency when handling complex networks, like N‑central.

RMM vs. PSA: What should you know?

RMM vs. PSA: What should you know?

RMM solutions and professional services automation (PSA) tools are closely related, but they largely differ in scope. PSA tools are designed to help MSPs manage the business aspects of being an MSP, like task management, ticketing, and time tracking. These tools help MSPs standardize their processes, make smarter business decisions, and reduce errors. If PSA tools keep track of an MSP’s “work,” then RM solutions are what MSPs use to do that “work.”

For example, if you find yourself feeling that one customer is taking up a significant portion of your technicians’ time, a PSA tool can help you understand whether it’s best to put them on an hourly contract or end the client relationship. If you’re having trouble managing cash flow and building an efficient system to handle invoices and the billing details of MSP work, you also might benefit from PSA tools. If you’re having trouble providing a high quality of service to your customers because you don’t have the appropriate resources, however, you should consider an RM solution.

The best scenario is finding a remote monitoring solution that allows you to integrate with a PSA tool to create a powerful all-in-one solution. For instance, both N‑able RMM and N‑central easily integrate with the PSA tool, MSP Manager. This integration makes it possible to automate portions of your workflow by allowing alerts from your RM solution to automatically trigger ticket creation and technician routing—all visible in a single interface. Such workflow automations can help produce greater knowledge sharing, increased efficiency, and more streamlined billing.

Are RM solutions secure?

Are RM solutions secure?

With cybersecurity threats like ransomware and malware on the rise, MSPs must be vigilant when it comes to securing their customers’ networks. As such, many software vendors have stepped up their security offerings to appeal to today’s conscientious MSP.

All remote monitoring solutions should have a minimum security level that covers the basics like patch management, antivirus, web protection, and backup. The presence of advanced security features like endpoint detection and response, email protection, password management, two-factor authentication, encryption, and threat monitoring will vary depending on the solution.

N‑able RMM vs. N‑central

Let us help you choose the right platform for your business.

  • What is N‑able RMM?
  • What is N‑able N‑central?
  • Which all-in-one RM software is right for me?
N-able RMM vs. N-central - N-able (2024)


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